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dk techin BizMessage is a corporate messaging service that allows our clients to send various types of messages, including Alim Talk, Friend Talk, SMS, LMS, MMS, RCS, and Naver TalkTalk, to end users of KakaoTalk. There are two ways to implement the function of the Kakao i BizMessage service: using BizMessage API and installing BizMessage Agent. This document only describes how to use BizMessage API.

To use the BizMessage service, a service contract is required as the license for BizMessage API is owned by dk techin. For more information regarding the contract and plan details, please refer to Procedure for using the service.

BizMessage Server

The Swagger UI for BizMessage API v.2.0 is located at ${host}/v2/document/index.html. If you intend to use the BizMessage API through Swagger, please request firewall open to your dk techin contact.

  • The operation server is used to send messages to real users with no limit on the number of messages sent. Charges apply.
  • The staging server is for testing message sending, with a limit on the number of messages that can be sent and no billing. However, please note that even if the staging server sends a message, the actual message is sent. Therefore, you need to be careful not to send messages incorrectly. The limit on the number of messages that can be sent from the staging server depends on the contract.
Class Category Domain IP Port
Operating General https://bizmsg-web.kakaoenterprise.com - 443
Finance https://bizmsg-bank.kakaoenterprise.com 443
Stock https://bizmsg-stock.kakaoenterprise.com 443
Public institution https://bizmsg-gov.kakaoenterprise.com 443
Staging General https://stg-web.bizmsg.kakaoenterprise.com - 443
Finance https://stg-bizmsg-bank.kakaoenterprise.com 443
Stock https://stg-bizmsg-stock.kakaoenterprise.com 443
Public institution https://stg-bizmsg-gov.kakaoenterprise.com (Coming later) 443
The staging server is linked to the Kakao operation server, which means that any messages sent from the staging server are actually sent. Therefore, please be careful to avoid sending messages incorrectly. messages incorrectly.

API Request

The following is the request URLs of Bizmessage API. In HTTP RPC-style API requests, parameters can be passed in the following ways:

Request Method

Method Category Parameter
GET URL Query parameter from request URL
POST Body application/json value in Request Body
application/x-www-form-urlencoded value in Request Body

API Authentication

In order to use BizMessage API, OAuth 2.0 API Authentication must be implemented in advance. When sending OAuth 2.0 requests, the client information (Client ID and Client Secret) issued by the contract should be passed using the Authorization header. For more details about OAuth 2.0 API, please refer to the OAuth 2.0 document.

API Response

Every response from the Bizmessage API is in JSON format with the Content-Type fixed as application/json.

API Message Status Code

Please refer to the API Message Status Code for message status codes used in the BizMessage API.

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